5 Reasons to Read the Newest Issue of JPAE

The September 2019 issue of the Journal of Physician Assistant Education (JPAE) is now available and filled with articles to make your job as a PA educator easier. We highlight a few of the articles here to give you a quick overview of what’s in this latest issue.

1. Physician Assistant Students’ Perceptions of Cultural Competence in Providing Care to Diverse Populations

With increasing research on cultural competence and its effects on patient care, programs need to invest more in educating the providers of tomorrow about these issues. The results of this survey study show areas of perceived deficiencies by students and where programs can strategically bolster their students’ experience and education to ensure they can provide the best patient care to diverse populations.

2. Strength in Differences? The Importance of Diversity to Students When Choosing a Physician Assistant Program

With interview season now upon us, programs are not only selecting applicants, but also selling their program to these future PAs. Some applicants seek out program diversity more than others. This article explores which students value diversity the most and shows how programs can increase their appeal to diverse applicants.

3. Student-Led Mobile Health Clinic: Patients Served and Learning Experience

One of the ways programs can provide students with clinical experience before clinical rotations is to use student-run clinics, where faculty can help integrate their didactic education into the clinical environment. Mobile health clinics are an ideal way to provide care to vulnerable populations that may not have the means to travel to stationary clinics. The authors of this article reflect on their experience with a student-led mobile clinic and its impact on PA education.

4. Addressing the Needs of the LGBTQ+ Population in Physician Assistant Education

There has been increased emphasis in all medical training programs to ensure students have the education and experience to care for the LGBTQ+ community.  This Academic Law feature article discusses the barriers in providing care to patients in these communities and how PA programs can enhance their curriculum to help prepare students.

5. The Future of Precision Medicine for Physician Assistants in Family Medicine

Precision medicine is a new phrase you may have heard in regards to technology, application of electronic medical records, and how it can help track disease outcomes in your patients. This article reviews what precision medicine is and its effect on educating students in the future of family medicine.

This is just a sampling of what awaits you in the September 2019 edition. If you want to stay informed and connected, be sure to check out these articles as well as the entire latest issue of JPAE.