CASPA Resources for Programs

Current Cycle

April 30, 2020–April 1, 2021

CASPA Policies & Procedures Manual

Throughout the application cycle, participating programs should reference this manual, which lays out the cycle in a step-by-step process.

2020-2021 CASPA Manual

End of Cycle CASPA Report

When an application cycle closes in March, PAEA releases end-of-cycle applicant and matriculant data via cycle-to-cycle comparison reports. You can access those reports below.

WebAdMIT Resources

Instructional Videos

The WebAdMIT YouTube channel hosts a variety of instructional videos on the different features and functions of the admissions portal. Topics include:

  • WebAdMIT Demo
  • Managing Users
  • Using Local & Prerequisite GPA
  • Creating Local Statuses
  • Configuration Portal Management
  • Creating and Running Reports & Exports
  • Scoring

WebAdMIT Sprints

The WebAdMIT Sprint Release Documents serve as a helpful resource to program users, highlighting the most recent updates, releases, and bug fixes made to the WebAdMIT admissions management portal for participating programs.


The WebAdMIT Client Support Specialist Team is available Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET. They can be reached via email: or by phone at 857-304-2020.