Your Program’s Ticket to the PAEA Education Forum

This year has already been extremely challenging for our members, so we want to do all that we can to ensure that members have access to professional development and CME opportunities without adding financial barriers.

That’s why we’ve significantly reduced the cost of registration for the 2020 PAEA Education Forum and, for the first time ever, are offering two options for members: individual registration and a new “Bundle & Save” option for programs that send five or more faculty or staff. Our goal is to encourage programs to “send” as many of their faculty and staff to the Forum as possible, especially those who typically are unable to come to the in-person event.

Here’s what a few members had to say about the bundle and save option:

Terry Scott, MPA, PA-C, program director of the University of Washington MEDEX Northwest PA program, recently shared with us his enthusiasm for this year’s Forum: “The online format and group discount allows our program to have more faculty and staff participate than we would have with the in-person conference.” MEDEX Administrator Lisa Kamemoto, MBA, went on to explain that many program and managerial staff members from across the program’s multiple campuses will be attending for the first time.

Michelle DiBaise, DHSc, PA-C, program director of the Arizona University of Health Sciences PA program agreed, reinforcing that many staff who are not typically able to attend the Forum will be joining us this year. “The bundle and save option absolutely allowed us to send everyone in our department. The cost to send everyone virtually was about the same cost of sending one or one and a half individuals in person. This is particularly important for our staff who are usually not funded to participate in professional development sessions outside of university offerings,” she said.

DiBaise and Scott’s sentiments were echoed by Kimberly Dempsey, EdD, PA-C, program director of the Eastern Virginia Medical School PA program, who shared with us that “due to the virtual nature and the Bundle & Save option, our entire faculty is attending the conference. Many of those faculty have never attended a full conference.”

We hope that many other programs are also able to take advantage of the benefits of this year’s Forum.

We’re looking forward to “seeing” more members than ever in October.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at