What You Need to Know About PAEA’s Doctoral Summit

Many in the PA field are eager to know more about the Doctoral Summit coming later this month. This video will give you all the background you need to understand how PAEA is responding to requests from its members to address this issue.

A diverse set of stakeholders both inside and adjacent to the PA profession will come together March 14-15 in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Doctoral Summit. The primary objectives of the summit are to:

  • Provide a report about the information gathered on the degree question to the PAEA Board of Directors so the Board can craft a position policy which will go before member programs at the Business Meeting in October.
  • Explore areas of consensus and debate among the diverse set of stakeholders about key issues including diversity, doctorally-prepared faculty, recruitment, curriculum, the impact on education and practice, and the impact on patients and health care delivery
  • Provide critical insight about the short-term and long-term implications of either maintaining current educational standards or changing them

During the summit, attendees will dive into the data related to the current state of the entry-level doctoral degree debate and exchange perspectives. Attendees will learn more about the role of the four national PA organizations (PAEA, AAPA, ARC-PA, and NCCPA) in the decision-making process and explore what the future may look like based on various scenarios. One key question will be discussed in detail: What is the most important challenge that the doctoral degree debate should seek to solve?

These activities will allow those stakeholders at the Doctoral Summit to look at the question through both the lens of their own experiences but also from perspectives shared by their peers.

A Guide to the Doctoral Summit – Issues, Importance, and Impact

Read more about the issues, importance, and impact as explained by PAEA Board Member and Doctoral Summit Steering Committee chair Nicole B. Burwell, PhD, MSHS, PA-C.

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