WebAdMIT Admissions Portal Open for 2015-2016 Application Cycle

The 2015-2016 WebAdMIT admissions portal has officially opened. On March 2, the primary CASPA contact for each PA program received an email with their login access information as well as need-to-know information about the new WebAdMIT Configuration Portal.

Training sessions on the configuration portal are being held this week and once they are completed, a recording of the training session as well as information sheets and FAQ documents will be forwarded to all programs for review.

What can I do in the configuration portal?
Each program has the option to turn on custom questions, documents, or prerequisite coursework matching on the CASPA application in the new cycle. If you elect to use these optional features, the configuration portal will help you set up them up.

The tentative deadline that all programs must configure their program portal by is April 8. The official date will be announced soon with additional instructions.

Questions about the portal can be directed to the WebAdMIT Support Team (716-636-7777, option 7). Any feedback can be shared with Danielle Di Silvestro, PAEA director of student services.