Veterans Day: A Roundtable Discussion

On Veterans Day, we pay tribute to those who have served in the military. Our profession also has the unique opportunity to honor the veterans who became members of the first class of physician assistant students, and later the first PAs. The PA profession is rooted in military service, and today there are many service members, both active duty and veteran, who become health care providers before, after, or during their military service.  

In honor of all who wear or have worn the uniform, PAEA hosted a roundtable discussion with three speakers in different phases of their military service and PA careers in order to highlight the various paths a pre-PA might take as they navigate military and PA program requirements, or the PA profession as a veteran in general. The discussion covered topics such as:  

  • Family legacy and how that may or may not play a part in military and/or health professions participation 
  • Pathways of discovery for the PA profession and military service and how each speaker felt the two  fit together 
  • How military medical service can set PAs and PA applicants apart  
  • How to help younger students prepare for a future military/PA career 

Veterans Day Rountable Discussion


  • Leslie Ware, PA-C, MEd, is the CEO of a direct primary care practice, Alpha Health & Wellness, DPC, and is a veteran of the United States Air Force Reserves.  
  • Aaron Chapman, PA-C, is currently serving in the United States Army as a PA in primary care.  
  • Devin Johnson is a pre-PA student at Winston Salem State University, an ROTC Cadet, and a member of the United States Army Reserves.