Update for SecureClient for Mac

PAEA and our partners recently released an update to SecureClient for Mac users that is providing some relief to score upload issues. Before testing, please direct all student Mac users to ensure they have the latest version of SecureClient installed.

This new update includes three key improvements: 

  • SecureClient will retry the score upload every 30 seconds if a connection error prevents the initial upload. Students will still see the error message at the end of the test, but they will see the screen refresh after 30 seconds to indicate a retry. A Proctor user can check the Monitor Exam tab to verify that the score is uploaded, which is indicated by a green checkmark next to the student’s name. 
  • SecureClient will unlock the test immediately after the student confirms they have completed. The impact of this change is that the student can check the task bar at the top of their screen to see if they are connected to the internet and reconnect if needed. The student will not be able to go back into the test at this point to change their answers as they have indicated that they are finished. This will simply allow them to verify a strong Wi-Fi connection while the app attempts to upload their responses. 
  • Improved action logging to allow PAEA to investigate issues. If there are any issues with the exam, please be sure to reach out to PAEA Exam Support at with the exam keycode and a description of what happened so that we can report it for investigation. 

We recommend that students wait two or three retry cycles before escalating to other troubleshooting. If proctors are unable to verify upload of the test at this point, have the student exit the test and then reopen SecureClient to the keycode screen, letting it sit a couple minutes to attempt upload again. The proctor can check for the green checkmark, or the student can enter their keycode to see if the exam is showing as completed. If that is not successful, please reach out to PAEA Exam Support for further assistance. 

We continue to make improvements to SecureClient to ensure a fair exam experience for all students. If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at