Try Out the Safe Exam Browser Before the End of Curriculum™ Exam Launch

Just-released ExamDriver features will help programs confidently implement the new End of Curriculum exam. 

Users who have downloaded and installed the Safe Exam Browser lockdown tool can now access a new Installation Test tab that features a free, on-demand mock End of Curriculum exam. This mock exam features five End of Curriculum exam-style questions with a 10-minute time limit that will help faculty and staff, students, and IT teams make sure that the Safe Exam Browser is installed properly in advance of exam day. The mock exam is not scored its intent is to ensure proper launch and to give you a feel for the questions that will be asked, not to test knowledge.

Once students are scheduled for their End of Curriculum exam which we recommend doing a couple of months in advance they will receive instructions in their Exam Scheduled email and see an alert on their ExamDriver home screen encouraging them to download and install the Safe Exam Browser, log in through that browser, and test their machines using the mock exam.

To use the Installation Test tab, you first need to download and install the Safe Exam Browser. Next, click the PAEA Launch File to launch the Safe Exam Browser and log in. Once you’ve logged in, click the Installation Test tab on the right side of the ExamDriver menu bar. 

A screen will appear that looks like a regular exam screen, but there is no exam time since it is available on demand. Finally, launch the exam like any other, clicking the acknowledgment and then launching the exam.

ExamDriver users can access the lockdown browser and the Installation Test tab without being scheduled for the exam, but students won’t get reminders until then. Additionally, the alert will go away once the mock exam has been viewed. A reminder: proctors do not need to proctor the exam from the Safe Exam Browser. We gave Faculty and Admin users access to the Installation Test tab for testing purposes only.

Related to this new feature, we have added a restricted-access IT User role. This role only has access to two things within your program account: the Safe Exam Browser download and instructions page and the Installation Test tab. Faculty and Admin users can create an account for members of the university IT team who will be supporting End of Curriculum exam administrations without exposing sensitive student data. During the End of Curriculum Exam Limited Release, we found great utility in IT teams having early access to the system, both to set up computer labs for exam day and to ensure that network firewalls wouldn’t be an issue on student laptops.

A number of other behind-the-scenes fixes were included in this update that will improve the effectiveness of the ExamDriver system.