Top 5 Articles of the Summer

Summer may have only just departed, but we’re already reminiscing.

5. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

In July, PA education icon Dave Keahey was selected for a prestigious health policy fellowship.

4. Leveling the Playing Field for Our End of RotationTM Exams

See what a troll, a bridge, and item response theory have to do with each other. We presented a breakdown of the changes to our End of Rotation exams and why we made them.

3. 5 Things You Should Know About Title VII

We went back to basics and explained the ins and outs of federal funding for PA programs.

2. Earning a PhD: 10 Problems That Could Blindside You

In a style all her own, Jennifer Coombs shared what to expect when embarking on a PhD program.

1. Note-Taking in the Digital Age

Apple Distinguished Educator Sabba Quidwai shared new ways to use digital note-taking tools to make your life — and those of your students — a bit easier.