We are all tired. 

It’s so close to impossible to make a PA program superb  that most don’t even try. 

Yet we do. 

We show up constantly  we step up when needed, we do more when there’s no one else to do it, and we all keep our families, “the rest of our life,” together in the process. 


Because we are a “faculty. 

The word faculty comes from the French word “faculte,” and it means “skill, accomplishment, great learning. 

The hard part is that the effort of passing skill and knowledge to young humans often breaks our will, saps our strength, wounds our hearts. 

Another definition of faculty is “a team of learned souls assembled to teach. 

I think it’s the latter definition that defines us. 

We are a team and that gives us a chance to create something superb. 

Because alone  it’s all too much. 

But together? 

We’ve got this. 

— Rhonda Feldman, MS, MHS, PA-C
University of Tampa PA Program