Tips for Making Precepting Painless & Other Resources

Serving as a role model to future PAs is a noble endeavor that many clinicians aspire to — but are often hesitant to take on due to the time and energy involved. That’s why our Committee on Clinical Education has created a set of “One-Pagers for Preceptors” to help streamline and enhance this essential experience. They have also put together some guidelines to serve as a resource for PA educators who are designing curriculum to support PA students in the transition from student to qualified PA.

The preceptor one-pagers, listed below, combine some of the committee’s own resources as well as some of the best precepting practices that are outlined in the literature:

Check out the “Transition to Professional Practice” guidelines as well as the preceptor one-pagers, offering time-tested methods for making the precepting experience as efficient and rewarding as possible. We’re sure that you, your preceptors, and your students will benefit from these valuable tips and suggestions.