Student Exam Box: The Comprehensive Assessment Solution 

Make life easier for your faculty and students with PAEA’s Student Exam Box™.

Simplify your student’s assessment schedule and manage their progress. 

The Student Exam Box sets up your student for success with the full suite of PAEA Assessment exams. This package option, with just one price, includes the following: 

  • Up to two PACKRAT® exams, one for each phase of education 
  • 10 End of Rotation™ exams for the clinical phase 
  • One End of Curriculum™ exam to be delivered in the last four months before graduation 

This suite of exams offers an efficient student assessment process, and individual exams can be added to supplement students’ assessment needs 

Effectively manage a program budget for $420 per student.  

Consider the Student Exam Box as a tool to help plan assessment schedules longer-term. Along with being able to schedule to avoid conflicts and satisfy additional requirements, it is both time and cost-saving, allowing for replicable assessment scenarios.  

Programs, facultyand students have different requirements. But while all programs are uniquetheir main goals are the same — to provide a rigorous education and valid assessments. The Student Exam Box is designed to address those program goals and needs. 

The Student Exam Box is non-transferrable and non-refundablehowever, the exams in the box will continue to be available for use if the student delays graduation for any reason. Additional exams may be purchased at the individual exam rate as needed. 

If you have any questions, please contact .