Rewarding Excellence in IPE Collaboration

The United States Public Health Service (USPHS) has launched a new award in collaboration with the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) to recognize “interprofessional health education teams that have significantly impacted the community through multidisciplinary collaboration on a program geared toward improving health knowledge, awareness, and behavior.”

To be eligible for the award, teams must propose a project that, among other requirements:

  • Includes representation of two or more health professions (health professions students and/or faculty at an accredited university or college)
  • Demonstrates a clear relationship between interprofessional practice, outcomes, and impact
  • Involves local community leaders, finding ways to foster creativity and innovation across the different sectors/organizations
  • Addresses one or more of the core competencies of intercollaborative practice as identified by IPEC (these are listed in the informational PDF)

Completed nomination packages are due by Friday, March 3, and must be submitted by either the dean of a health professions school or awards committee. Submissions can be sent to the USPHS Awards Committee via email at