Remote Proctoring End of Rotation™ Exams: Privacy and Other Challenges

Recently, we shared a video about faculty as remote proctors and also a video about faculty working with third-party remote proctors. Both focus on the importance of communication and preparedness. These are critical concerns when administering the End of Rotation exams during this time when we have temporarily waived our proctoring policies due to COVID-19.

However, we also need all parties involved to be aware of other considerations important to the entire process. This latest video highlights why information needs to be handled carefully and provides recommendations regarding areas to focus on. We’re all in a unique situation, so protecting your students, your institution, and yourself should be among the top priorities.

PAEA is working to ensure that privacy, security, and accountability are maintained throughout the entire process. We understand what is necessary to officially proctor and administer an exam, but it’s equally important to understand students, faculty, and proctors. This helps ensure that we continue to deliver a high-quality exam in the best environment possible.

PAEA is merging the flexibility of remote proctoring with the requirements of a secure and private exam. We ask that our partners do the same. Consider bringing in counsel to assess the situation or assigning a code of conduct for students to sign and review. We want all parties to understand that there is a shared responsibility. This means not just being able to administer exams, but also to directly face challenges throughout the process. We’ve addressed a number of concerns in these videos, but together we can identify others as they arise.

If you have questions about the End of Rotation exam, PAEA Assessment is here for you at