Remote Proctoring a Successful End of Rotation™ Exam Is a Team Effort

Last week, we shared a video about the importance of communication and preparedness for faculty who are remote proctoring the End of Rotation exam themselves while we have temporarily waived our proctoring policies due to COVID-19. It is equally important to understand what’s necessary if faculty are managing a third-party proctor. Successfully administering an exam requires communication between faculty, the proctor, and the student. Everyone should be prepared for the exam in advance.

In this role, the faculty member will be the person who lets remote proctors, students, and any supplementary staff know what to expect and how to prepare. Use materials provided by PAEA, the third-party proctor, or your institution to prepare any questions you have about the exam setup and administration ahead of time. Some details and circumstances can be unique to an individual or institution, and proper planning allows potential issues to be resolved ahead of time.

Successful administrations depend on all parties being informed. Clear communication, a prepared faculty member, an active remote proctor, supportive PAEA customer service, and an engaged student all combine to ensure a successful exam administration. If you have questions about the End of Rotation exam, the temporarily waived proctoring policies, or remote proctoring, PAEA Assessment is here for you at