Last Week to Register for Post-Forum Pando™ Workshops!

PAEA’s Pando workshops are two- to three-day, highly interactive faculty development events. Our Pando workshops don’t just teach you the skills you need to be a better PA educator, they also give you access to a national community of other educators — a support network of colleagues that begins at the workshop and grows with you afterward. Don’t miss this opportunity for development.

Next month, immediately after the 2016 Education Forum in Minneapolis, we’re offering seven Pando workshops:

  • Leadership 101: Developing Minority Faculty Leaders: A workshop designed for self-identified minority faculty and leaders interested in supporting the leadership development of minority faculty. You’ll be equipped with numerous skills and resources that you can take back to your institution, helping you attract, support, and retain diverse and talented educators. You will also gain access to a community of practice for leadership development of minority faculty.
  • Clinical Coordinators 201: A next step after Clinical Coordinators 101, designed for attendees with at least two years of clinical coordination experience. This workshop will cover more advanced topics, including preceptor relationship issues, student and site evaluation, patient logging data, and ARC-PA information specific to the clinical phase.
  • Faculty Skills 101: Our most popular workshop, designed specifically for new PA faculty. You’ll develop important didactic skills through interactive sessions on topics including syllabus preparation, teaching and assessment strategies, objective and test item writing, and the use of technology in teaching.
  • Faculty Skills 201: Building on Faculty Skills 101, this workshop is designed for faculty with at least three years of teaching experience. You’ll come away from this workshop with powerful evaluative tools that will help you assess a student’s true didactic and clinical knowledge, while also meeting program goals and accreditation standards.
  • Clinical Coordinators 101: This workshop is designed to enhance the skills of new clinical coordinators — those with less than two years of experience in the position — and will also be of interest to those new to academia and who work closely with the clinical curriculum.
  • Program Directors 201: This advanced workshop is intended to provide emerging leaders in PA education with a strong foundation to help them to succeed as program directors in an increasingly complex higher education environment. Picking up where the Program Directors 101 Pando workshop leaves off, we’ll help you take your knowledge and skills in PA program leadership to the next level.
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs): OSCEs have been used worldwide in medical education for nearly 40 years, attempting to measure important medical competencies which are not easily assessable on multiple choice examinations. However, many pitfalls exist in the design and execution of OSCEs, potentially limiting the effectiveness of the evaluation. This workshop will address these risks and provide guidance in developing better OSCEs.

Registration for all Pando workshops closes this Friday, September 16 — so don’t wait! Visit the Forum website to sign up now.