PAEA Assessment Launches EthicsPoint Tool

PAEA has launched a new tool that will allow secure, confidential reporting of suspected inappropriate exam behavior on PAEA Assessment exams (PACKRAT®, End of Rotation™ exams, or the End of Curriculum™ exam) to help support the integrity of the exams for all stakeholders. This tool, PAEA EthicsPoint, includes an online form and a toll-free hotline using a third-party service that will securely collect critical information so that PAEA can conduct a thorough evaluation of each report. PAEA EthicsPoint is available to students, faculty, and staff who may have information about potentially inappropriate collection, dissemination, or use of exam information or inappropriate behavior related to PAEA Assessment exams.

The service will walk individuals through a series of questions designed to collect pertinent details about the incident they are reporting. Following submission, users will receive a Report Key which they can use to communicate with the PAEA team who may have follow-up questions. Following a full evaluation of the information available, the person(s) named in the report will have an opportunity to provide a response before actions are taken. A final report will be delivered to the impacted program’s director and the person or people named in the report. The reporter’s name will remain confidential, and the program will be responsible for final disciplinary action.

If you know of any potentially inappropriate behavior involving a PAEA Assessment exam, it is always best to report. Not every report will result in a full review, and PAEA will work to understand the circumstances and decide on next steps for inquiry. Examples of suspect incidents include:

  • Taking photos or screenshots of exam questions
  • Sharing recollections of exam content with students who have not taken the exam
  • Posting exam content online
  • Providing unearned advantages on exams

PAEA Assessment policies have been updated to reflect the new procedures. What constitutes a violation and the responsibility to report to PAEA have not changed.

This tool is only to be used for PAEA Assessment-related reports. Issues or concerns involving other program assessments or practices should follow the reporting requirements outlined in program policies.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Do not send any sensitive information via email. If you have something to report, please visit or call 844-920-1190.