PAEA Assessment Announces Next-Generation Exam Platform

We are thrilled to announce that PAEA will be launching its next-generation exam platform and welcoming two new Assessment partners, BTL Surpass and Alpine Testing Solutions, this summer. The innovative platform will provide an intuitive interface that can be navigated easily, as well as transform the exam experience for students and faculty. It will offer modernized assessment features, accompanied by enhanced policies, to allow for appropriate flexibility while preserving the validity and security of our exams.

The platform will officially launch for exam administrations on August 2. In preparation for the rollout, the PAEA Assessment team will provide an abundance of guidance and support to PAEA exam users to ensure a seamless transition. In the coming months, PAEA will:

  • Provide answers to your questions
  • Outline timelines and share policy updates
  • Answer questions on account management through the transition, such as “what will happen to score reports and exam credits as we switch systems?”
  • Provide sample messaging for you to share with students to help assist them in the move to the new system
  • Provide instructions for proctoring in the new system
  • Host office hours and learning webinars
  • And much more

As we prepare to make this transition, we want to thank NCCPA, who has served as PAEA’s Assessment partner for a decade. Throughout our partnership, we have seen extraordinary growth and success. Our relationship with NCCPA has truly helped us grow to where we are today, and we are deeply grateful for NCCPA’s commitment to and investment in PAEA Assessment. We look forward to continuing our valuable partnership as sister organizations.

Throughout the transition and beyond, PAEA remains committed to providing superior exams that are validated and follow rigorous development standards. We will continue to facilitate success by providing programs with national comparative data that offers the insights needed to ensure students meet not only their program’s high standards but also keep pace with their peers at programs across the country.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.