PAEA 50th Anniversary: Fast Facts About the Pace University PA Program – Pleasantville

Fast Facts About the Pace University Physician Assistant Program – Pleasantville

Courtesy of Christine Amendola, MS, PA-C, Program Director & Chair

Program name and location: Pace University Physician Assistant Program, Pleasantville, NY

Program Mission, Vision & Values: The mission of the Pace University College of Health Professions and Physician Assistant Program – Pleasantville is to educate veterans and culturally diverse graduate students, providing an academically rigorous learning environment that promotes the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of our students. The faculty and staff will imbue these qualities and facilitate the development of a learning community that supports the training of quality physician assistants with attributes including lifelong learning, service orientation, and an emphasis on primary care. The faculty, staff, and students will demonstrate the knowledge, attitudes, and understanding to function in diverse communities, populations, and settings, and to treat all patients with dignity, respect, and compassion.

The program’s vision is to foster a quality academic environment where students and faculty are stimulated to excel by an educational process that provides our post-graduate learners with the necessary academic, clinical, professional, interpersonal, and technical skills to function competently, confidently, compassionately, and efficiently as culturally sensitive primary care medical providers.

The program’s philosophy is to educate a diverse student body including veterans in an academically rigorous program, with an emphasis on cultural sensitivity and special populations.

What year did your program welcome its first class of students: 2017

Key milestones in your program’s history: Our first class of PAs graduated in 2019. Since then, we have had a total of three graduating classes.

How many students have graduated from your program to date: 94

How has your program grown from the first class to today: Our program has strengthened in so many ways. Our students have persevered during such uncertain and unsettling times, and we have built a strong team of faculty and staff who are dedicated to our mission and our students.

Notable Program Alumni: Tania Abousaid is a recent graduate of the Pace Pleasantville PA program. Her passion for medicine began in the ICU when she was a patient herself. After coming off life support, Tania made the decision to change her career path and applied to PA school. While a student in the PA program, Tania served as class president and the State Society’s (NYSSPA) student director. In just six months after graduation, she not only found her way back to the ICU as a critical care provider, but she is also working part time in family medicine and has co-authored a medical review book with her former preceptor-turned-colleague. The book, First Line Guide: A Comprehensive Review of Didactic Medicine, features more than 640 pages with color photos and diagrams.

How has your program impacted the community it serves: Our program consistently volunteers and advocates for the underserved in Westchester and beyond. Our student society, supported by our faculty, is involved in community outreach, fundraising, and volunteering for multiple organizations and causes.

How do you envision the next 50 years of your program: We envision the program continuing to grow and expand. We look forward to strengthening our alumni pool as well as our footprint in the community.