Ode to Physician Assistant Students

Congrats on acceptance to PA school!

Your undergrad grades prove you are no fool.

Helping people is your ultimate goal,

whether chronic illness or the common cold.

In your white coat, the whole world you will change,

aspirations high and goals within range.

But first, you need to learn all the rules.

Work hard, study, and acquire the tools

to make a huge difference in the precious lives

of children, the elderly, husbands, and wives.

It’s surely no secret PA school is hard,

far more than good grades on a report card.

Pathology, Physio, Anatomy

Neuro, Psych ,and Pharmacology

The foundation is set, but there is more to do!

Physical exam skills and EKG, too.

How many hours can one person study?

After 3 a.m., the subjects get muddy.

Tests, exams, and practicals galore!

Just when you think you can’t take any more

Clinical rotations! From the classroom, I’m free! (almost)

Medicine, peds, and psychiatry

Outpatient, GYN, ER, and more,

skills you are gaining through sickness and gore.

Your preceptors love you, they wish you could stay.

Soon enough they will call you a true blue PA.

Graduation comes faster than you could have known,

professors and parents, so proud, how you have grown.

One more little hurdle for your final dance

You’re ready, you have this! Now go pass your PANCE!

A longer white coat, your patients will see

Congrats, you made it! An official PA-C!!!