New Scale Score Resources Available

As a learning organization, PAEA is always looking for new resources, tools, and tips that will be useful to our members. We have heard your feedback on what is working best for you during the transition to PAEA End of Rotation exam scale scores. With your ideas and concerns in mind, we put together a few new resources to help ease the process.

A series of grading strategy cases from three programs

The cases focus on decision-making processes and implementation strategies, as well as the specific methods being used. These are real stories from your colleagues. You can also access these from the FAQ page. If you have any questions about these cases, feel free to reach out to us at If you have a different process that has been useful and well-received at your program, we would love to hear about it and potentially add it to our list.

A short video on how to use a z-score

Learn more about calculating a z-score with this video, which is also available on the End of Rotation Exam Scoring and Interpretation webpage, and in the FAQs on converting to grades.

The Scale Score Mass Conversion Tool

This is a second tab of the existing End of Rotation Exam Scale Score Conversion Tool. Simply upload an unedited composite score report, and a new report will be generated with converted scores. This tool works both ways — from raw to scale and vice versa, based on the version you’ve uploaded. This is only available to faculty users of ExamDriver. Here’s how it works.

All of this is located in the Reports tab. First, download the composite score report you need to convert by selecting the exam from the dropdown and clicking the arrow to the left of the relevant Graduation Year line (arrow 1), then clicking the View Composite Score Report link on the right (arrow 2). Then, just like before, click the Historical Score Lookup link in the Reports tab in ExamDriver (arrow 3).

A new tab will open with the tool. Once you’re in, click the second tab in the application, called  Composite Score Report. Then, follow the simple instructions on the screen to upload the original report, convert it, and download your converted report.

We recommend that you use this tool for data analysis purposes as you evaluate your passing bars and convert your Version 2 through 5 reports to scale scores for ongoing program analysis and research. It can also help you through the transition to new grading processes for those cohorts that are in the middle of the clinical phase and for which you are unable to change the grading scales.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more resources on using PAEA Assessment exams. We have a lot in store to ensure you have the most effective assessments for your PA students.