New PACKRAT Version Available

In case you haven’t noticed, PACKRAT version 22 is now available! This new form is now the primary version of the exam that your students take. This updated version ensures that students can assess their knowledge on the most up-to-date standards and medications. No changes were made to the blueprint or topic list for this version.

There are no national statistics available for this exam yet. After the new version has been taken 300 times, we will add national average scores, standard deviations, and percentile statistics to all performance reports, and these will be updated weekly as more students take the exams.

PACKRAT is a self-assessment tool for students and programs that is created new each year by a team of experts in PA education. Each exam version is extensively peer-reviewed to ensure it is rigorous and appropriate for PA students. It consists of 225 multiple-choice questions that cover the core clinical areas and can be administered in a proctored or unproctored environment.

All PACKRAT administrations scheduled to be taken after November 3 will be transitioned to the new version. Version 21 will remain available as a back-up for retesting purposes, but version 20 will no longer be available.

Please contact with any questions.