Native American Heritage Month

“This month is significant because it helps people realize that we’re still here. I think one of the big misconceptions people have about American Indians is that we don’t exist anymore…. This month a celebration of, ‘Yes we are still here.’ We may not be as visible, we are not as numerous, and we often get mistaken for other races or ethnicities. It’s really encouraging and refreshing to have some acknowledgment of our presence.”

Katherine Footracer

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, PAEA President Kara Caruthers, MSPAS, PA-C, spoke with Katherine Footracer, MS, PA-C, Chair of the NCCPA Board of Directors and a certified PA practicing in family medicine. Footracer, a member of the Navajo Nation by birth, shared perspectives on:  

  • Common misconceptions about the Native American population.
  • Health concerns within Native American communities and how PAs can address these concerns.
  • The importance of treating each patient as an individual rather than a generality.
  • Strategies to increase the number of Native American/Indigenous students in the profession.

Watch their conversation below.

Honoring Native American Heritage Month