Looking Forward to the Next Chapter

Over the past nearly three decades, I have had the distinct honor of leading this Association, and of working closely with many of you to advance an organization that has dedicated itself to quality education and health for all. So it is with bittersweet and mixed emotions that I announce my retirement. I will be leaving PAEA this coming summer.

In my 27 years with the organization, we have accomplished so much together for members, students, and patients. We have developed a suite of respected and widely utilized products and services, including new exams to help programs assess students’ knowledge and skills, research capacity to more effectively drive evidence-based decision-making, and faculty development offerings to enable all faculty to boost their skills and shape their careers. The PAEA Digital Learning Hub, which was launched at the Education Forum, is a transformative addition to our work in this area and will take our faculty development to a whole new level. And our flagship centralized application service (CASPA), which launched PAEA on a new trajectory early in the last decade, continues to both support the organization and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the admissions process.

We have also built the culture and infrastructure of a thriving organization that has become a leader on the national stage and is poised to take further purposeful strides in the coming years. Our Board, our volunteer structure, and our staff have grown by leaps and bounds — and we have built a deep capacity to translate the needs of our members into the specific knowledge, products, and services they need. And our numerous strategic partnerships with external organizations help us to leverage our resources and amplify our voice.

We have achieved an incredible amount together, and we have done all of this without compromising the values that have driven this organization from the beginning — service, collaboration, integrity, collegiality, diversity. I am confident that these values will sustain the organization and drive the Board’s selection of my successor. After 27 years, far beyond the typical duration of an association CEO, I can confidently say that it is time for a new generation of leadership to move this organization forward. I am extremely hopeful and excited for all that lies ahead for this great organization. From my new home in Vermont, I’ll be watching and cheering you on every step of the way.

My very best wishes to all of you.