Ideas Wanted: Share Your Program Innovation!

Technology, system needs, faculty experience, expectations of students — in today’s fast-paced world, these are all constantly evolving. Pedagogy and curriculum often struggle to keep pace with these changes.

PAEA strives to support its members in their efforts to adapt to the changing educational and health care landscape — to ensure you remain poised to educate the next generation of PAs. We know that real solutions to addressing change typically come from inventive educators. That’s why we’re asking you to share your creative ideas for designing teaching and learning experiences.

These could include:

  • innovative ways to provide students with more authentic real-world learning experiences
  • new methods for teaching interprofessional collaboration
  • more effective ways to teach students leadership and interpersonal skills
  • a new course or even an entire redesigned curriculum to prepare students for successful entry into clinical practice

Whatever it might be, we want to know about it!

PAEA will highlight these innovations at a Stakeholder Summit we will be hosting in March 2016, to discuss the alignment between PA education and practice. Innovative ideas that your program has implemented will inform our thinking around needed enhancements to PA education to help ensure new graduates remain prepared for the realities of clinical practice — today and in the future. Selected faculty will have the opportunity to present their ideas in a short, TED-style talk at the summit.

Interested faculty should submit their ideas by January 4, 2016, to Director of Academic Affairs Zach Britt at Four faculty will be selected to attend and present at the Stakeholder Summit, March 6–8, 2016, in Washington, D.C.