ICYMI: General Sessions at the Forum

If you weren’t able to make it to the Education Forum this year, or are interested in revisiting the general sessions, we’ve compiled them here for you.

To kick off the 2018 Education Forum, author, teacher, and keynote speaker Simon T. Bailey inspired listeners to find their “inner brilliance” and “take charge of your own future.” Plus, a big announcement from PAEA!

In this two-part session, PAEA President Lisa Mustone Alexander and members from around the country shared tantalizing glimpses into what the future could hold for PA education. Then, a panel of PA educators led by PAEA’s Chief Learning Officer Sara Fletcher discussed the Core Competencies for PA Graduates.

As PA education evolves, PAEA is evolving with it. PAEA CEO Timi Agar Barwick talked about the many ways in which we’re supporting members and previewed the next generation of products and services, including new admissions tools and analytics and the End of Curriculum Exam, as well as future plans to expand our Digital Learning Hub. Following that, your colleagues were recognized for their outstanding work during the 2018 Faculty & Staff Awards ceremony.

Closing speaker John O’Leary challenged the audience to “Live Inspired” and told his compelling story of overcoming unimaginable trauma to live a life driven by helping others. Through sharing his story, John helped others see themselves more honestly to lead fuller, deeper lives.