Find PAEA Assessment Historical Exam Data All In One Place 

PAEA Assessment has moved the historical national exam statistics for PACKRAT®, End of Rotation,™ and the End of Curriculum™ exams to one place. 

Any historical exam scores will now be on the Assessment Resources page. Included in the reports are details on means, standard deviations, reliability, and standard error of measurement for retired exams forms.

Additional information is provided on the evolution of scoring and how COVID-19 impacted exams.  

For exams that are currently being administered, the national student scores will still be on the Exam Statistics page for each exam (PACKRAT, End of Rotation, End of Curriculum). Only the historical exam score tables are moving.

On the Assessment Resources page, you will see a “Historical Statistics” section which will provide access to each exam program’s specific Historical Statistics document. The document will be updated as exam forms are retired. 

On the Assessment Resources page, you will also see other recent publications and the Faculty Guides for each of our exams.