Virtual Retreats: Role-Based, Volunteer Lead

Since 2020, PAEA’s virtual role-based retreats have offered robust conversations, networking and ideating opportunities, and an underlying sense of relief to connect with peers. So, it’s no surprise that the data from the evaluations conveyed the overwhelming desire to continue hosting retreats.

Based on your feedback, PAEA will host retreats on a biannual basis. We are excited to begin planning our second round for 2021 and we need your help! Facilitating retreats is an opportunity to select the covered topic areas and lead the conversation with your peers.

While PA education can create passion, excitement, and joy, it can also come with challenges and uncertainty. That’s why PAEA created virtual retreats, where you can join with colleagues to take a collective deep breath, discussing opportunities, sharing solutions, and encouraging one another. 

If you’re interested in facilitating one of the retreats, please fill out this form.