Exam Driver Enhancement Will Simplify Remote Exam Administrations

PAEA has temporarily waived our proctoring policies for the End of Rotation exams and is encouraging the use of the existing non-proctored setting for PACKRAT exams during the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of feedback from users like you, we are making a change to the system to reduce frustration with the Auto-Pause and Auto-End feature during un-proctored exam administrations and while using live remote proctoring and web conferencing solutions. 

Beginning with exams scheduled on March 24, End of Rotation exams will have Auto-Pause and Auto-End alerts disabled by default, and PACKRAT exams will be set to Non-Proctored. Proctors will still see notifications for Viewing Other Content, Inappropriate Key Stroke, and Screen Capture Detected for all exams. 

Instructions on using these features are available in our Knowledge Base here: 

Exams scheduled before March 24 will not be changed. Confirmation messages will appear if you wish to change these default settings, and new columns will show the settings for each exam for schedulers and proctors. Faculty and Admin users may change exam events up to 30 minutes before the exam start time. 

Please reach out to if you have additional questions.