End of Rotation Exams Version 7 Coming Soon

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article listed an incorrect publication date. The article has been corrected.

On July 17, the first administrations of Version 7 of PAEA’s End of Rotation™ exams will take place. While Version 7 will not have any significant updates, including to the blueprints or topic lists, it will continue to use the following assessment best practices:

Scale scores. This will be the second version of the End of Rotation exams to feature scale scores. The national averages may shift, but that is because the examinees are different, not that the scale is different. The forms in a single version remain equated to each other, and the scale scores allow comparisons between Version 6 and 7 (and earlier if you have converted them to the scale) to be easier than ever before. We will again provide conversions from scale to raw scores in the Historical Lookup Tool for those programs still working through the transition. For further guidance on developing grades using scale scores, visit our case study collection.

2017 hypertension guidelines. We continue to reference the 2017 hypertension guidelines jointly published by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association. For more information, visit ACC’s High Blood Pressure Guideline Hub.

DSM-5. All psychiatry-related questions use DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and terminology.

Any End of Rotation exam administered on or after July 17, 2019, will be Version 7 — regardless of when you purchased the exams. If you would like to administer any Version 6 End of Rotation exams, please do so on or before July 16, as Version 6 forms will no longer be available once Version 7 forms have been released.

We appreciate your dedication both to the End of Rotation exams and to PAEA. Together, we continue to strengthen PA education.

If you have any questions about Version 7 of the End of Rotation exams, please visit our frequently asked questions page or email us at