End of Curriculum Exam Update 

PAEA will be publishing new national data for student scores in the coming week. The updated national data will be available on the Exam Statistics page, as well as the assessment reports through the Assessment Hub. The Historical Statistics document will also be updated soon after.  

If your program uses these national statistics in grading or cut score decisions, please make plans to update your models going forward from this date; there is no need to retroactively change students’ grades. While the update in the statistics may be small, having accurate data will ensure consistency within your cohorts.  

As a reminder, the End of Curriculum exam must be taken in person with a live proctor, and students must use the SecureClient lockdown browser. There continues to be two End of Curriculum exams available, but if a second attempt is needed there must be a 60-day waiting period to allow for remediation. If your program is interested in using End of Curriculum exams and has never done so before, please have the Program Director complete the attestation found here.  

To learn more about the End of Curriculum exam, please review our End of Curriculum Faculty Guide, the 2021 standard setting addendum, and the 2023 score report addendum. You may also visit the PAEA End of Curriculum website or contact the PAEA exam support team at for assistance.