Do You Have Questions About OTP? Send Them Along

Optimal Team Practice (OTP) will undoubtedly be part of the buzz in the air as PA educators gather at the 2017 PAEA Education Forum next month. Many questions about implementation remain.

We are aiming to provide answers to many of them — or at least an interesting discussion. OTP will be the main topic at a special session, “Look to the Future with Ever-Increasing Confidence,” which will include a panel discussion on OTP by the top leaders of all four national PA organizations: PAEA, AAPA, NCCPA, and ARC-PA.

In preparation for that session, we’re collecting questions about OTP. If you have a question that you’d like the Four Org panel to address, send it our way. Selected, representative questions will be used for the panel discussion.

Send your questions to, by close of business on Friday, October 13.

OTP is a new policy passed at the 2017 AAPA House of Delegates Meeting in May that recommends changes to state and federal laws regarding the relationship between PAs and physicians. For more background on the history and details of OTP, check out the following resources: