Call for Networker Feature Articles and Ideas

Do you have an idea for something you’d like to see on the Networker blog? Perhaps you have an article in mind on a subject that would be of interest to the broader PA education community. If so, we’d like to hear from you!

We’re now accepting submissions for articles to be featured on our website and in our weekly newsletter. Specifically, we’re seeking 3 kinds of articles:

  1. How to…” articles that walk our readers through how to do something. These are practical articles that members can use to take action and are typically in the form of checklists with some limited narrative to set up the topic. Example: how to organize your student admissions committee.
  2. How it works” articles that explore how some system or process functions, making it more understandable. These are behind-the-scenes articles that aim to take complicated, technical subjects and make them accessible to a wider audience. For example: how Title VII funding is allocated.
  3. How to think about…” articles that provide a unique perspective on an issue and examine it in-depth. These are thoughtful opinion pieces, backed by careful reasoning and historical context. For example: the clinical doctorate is inevitable for PAs. These articles must have a narrative focus — a story with a beginning, middle, and end that guides the reader through the issue.

For more information about the types of articles we’re looking for, check out our guidelines document.

Our purpose in publishing these articles is to provide a unique resource for PA education leaders, helping them do their work more efficiently and effectively by sharing the most promising practices emerging across the field. To that end, even if the topic is important to health care in general, your article should tie specifically to PA education and/or the PA profession.

Please note that submitted articles should not have been published elsewhere previously. If you have something to say but aren’t sure where to start, send an email to Meredith Wise at