Call for Conference Proposal Reviewers

PAEA is seeking applications to fill up to 20 positions for conference proposal reviewers, formerly known as Conference Committee members. The role of a reviewer is to participate in the blinded peer-review process for Education Forum session proposals. Reviewers can choose to evaluate posters and proposals that are either (1) original research, which are primarily research-oriented and report empirical findings, or (2) educational innovations, which primarily focus on the practice of teaching, education, and pedagogy. Those who have experience with peer-review processes are strongly encouraged to apply.

Reviewers will be assigned to a review team led by a member of the Conference Council or the Research Council. Selected reviewers are required to be available for conference calls with assigned teams prior to the April 3 submission deadline. The entire time commitment will take place in April during the proposal review process. During this time, reviewers will receive about 25 proposals to review and score.

Please submit your application here by February 21 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

All applicants must include a signed Statement of Eligibility along with a current CV and a letter of interest.