California Baptist University: Innovation in Remote Learning

Current California Baptist PA program cohorts.

Unique Characteristics of California Baptist University’s PA Program

In October 2020, our program won the California Academy of Physician Assistants Student Challenge Bowl for the third time in four years. One of the reasons this is exciting is that our program is only five years old. The most recent student team had just completed five months of primarily remote learning due to the pandemic prior to competing. Our program also recently received accreditation for 10 years.

Our Program’s Impact

During the pandemic, we’ve undertaken new endeavors in an effort to adapt, from virtual interviews to virtual outreach in the community to techniques for fostering student well-being during remote learning to virtual interprofessional education as well as interactive virtual student workshops along with live synchronous lecture engagement techniques. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to explore a number of amazing educational platforms, from vCases with its detailed case simulations, to Access Medicine with its robust library sources, to Epocrates with its extensive pharmacological databases, to Bates’ OSCEs, and others. We’ve also appreciated learning from other PAEA resources and programs.

Our Surrounding Community

California Baptist University (CBU) is located in the city of Riverside, California. CBU believes that each person has been created for a purpose and strives to help students understand and engage this purpose by providing a Christ-centered educational experience that integrates academics with spiritual and social development opportunities.

Fun Fact About Riveside

Riverside is a diverse community. The county of Riverside is the fourth largest in terms of land size and the fifth fastest growing county in California.

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