Assessment Alert Update: Internet Explorer no Longer Supported as of November 9, 2021

PAEA will stop providing support for exams on Internet Explorer as of November 9, 2021 and strongly recommends that current users of Internet Explorer begin using Edge. Edge offers a faster, more secure browsing experience. To support this, we will replace all mentions of Internet Explorer on our websites and address any legacy browser dependencies.  

Microsoft made announcements over the last year that Internet Explorer will no longer receive Microsoft support on June 15, 2022. As a growing number of websites no longer support Internet Explorer, Microsoft will disable the desktop application and users will be redirected to Edge each time they try to access the browser. 

If a user encounters a broken website that requires IE11, they should open it in Edge, in “IE mode.” They can then open websites that require Internet Explorer without leaving Microsoft Edge. Learn more about Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge