Adjustment to CASPA Fees

PAEA’s Board of Directors recently decided to increase CASPA fees by $5 for both the primary application and secondary applications beginning with the next application cycle opening on April 27. The new primary application fee will be $184, and the secondary application fees will be $61.

This decision was not made lightly. PAEA has resisted making significant fee changes over the past several years despite high levels of inflation and the economic impact of the pandemic. Since 2015, the CASPA primary application fee only increased by $4 and the secondary application fees increased by $11. As we look to continue operating with a high service level and meet the demand of programs and applicants, this nominal increase was necessary.

PAEA is committed to keeping PA education affordable, especially as it relates to increasing diversity among students who may be economically disadvantaged or who are from underserved areas. The CASPA Fee Waiver Program will continue to provide robust assistance to students who need financial assistance, while PAEA will continue to look for ways to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in PA education.

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