A Warm Welcome to Dr. Denise Rizzolo

Picture1We would like to welcome Denise Rizzolo, PhD, PA-C, as PAEA’s first-ever assessment specialist, as of September 11. In this role, Rizzolo will work to enhance PA educators’ knowledge of the functions and limitations of testing.

This new part-time position is part of a larger growth plan for the PAEA Assessment team. Our vision is to design a team that includes both PA educators and assessment experts who can help build our members’ assessment literacy by sharing research and insights on how assessments can accelerate student learning.

“Assessment starts with developing the appropriate evaluation tools. Even if the tool has sound psychometric properties, it still needs to be executed and interpreted appropriately,” said Rizzolo. “Given my experience, my hope is not only to refine the assessment tools PAEA has already developed, but assist educators in using them appropriately.”

Rizzolo has been in PA education for 15 years, serving as faculty at both developing and established programs, with a focus on research and assessment.  She presently works in family practice in Springfield, New Jersey, is active in various AAPA special interest groups, and serves as a PAEA workshop facilitator. Rizzolo is a past recipient of the Award for Primary Care Excellence (Apex Award), and a two-time winner AAPA PAragon award winner. She is currently on faculty at the School of Nursing at Kean University, and in the Department of PA Studies at Pace University Completion Program.

Welcome to the PAEA team, Denise!