2023 Program and Clinical Curriculum Surveys are Now Open

PAEA has gathered extensive feedback to provide expertise and ensure its surveys truly capture the PA community’s needs and interests. We have also enhanced the Program Survey from the last iteration in 2021 as we’ve tried to make the survey process more user-friendly.  

Features That Make the Survey Easier to Complete and Use

Some of these new and existing features include: 

  • Increasing the pre-population of survey questions if your program provided survey data from previous years either through the 2023-2024 Program Directory or PAEA member records.  
  • Moving the Program Survey to a biannual timeline as much of this information stays the same year-to-year, ultimately reducing the survey burden.  
  • Having a table of contents feature in the Program Survey allows users to skip between sections as they wait for additional data.  
  • Allowing the survey to be completed over multiple sessions, which includes a feature to save your progress in real-time.  
  • Providing a method to share the link or blank pdf copy with the members of your program who are best suited to answer specific questions (e.g., financial questions). Keep in mind, while we encourage collaboration on the surveys, each program only has ONE submission so be sure the surveys are filled out entirely prior to pressing submit.  

Program directors were sent two separate customized links for the Program Survey and the Clinical Curriculum Survey on Monday, June 26, and will continue to receive reminders throughout the coming months.  

Benefits of Completing the Surveys 

The Program Survey is the most comprehensive survey PAEA offers, collecting data on programs’ budgets, personnel, students, and graduates. Data from the Program Survey are published in the By the Numbers: Program Reports. These reports are the sole source of national data on PA education, providing benchmarks across all aspects of PA education.  

Programs interested in more specificity beyond the By the Numbers series can request custom reports. Some past examples of custom requests include student-to-faculty ratios for programs with similar characteristics or budgets for a selected cohort of peer programs. These data are invaluable tools for your ARC-PA accreditation reports.   

Further, the Clinical Curriculum Survey has yet to be released since 2017. The pandemic has changed the landscape of academia, and this survey will reflect many of these changes through a clinical lens.  

Successful completion of the 2023 Program Survey and the 2023 Clinical Curriculum Survey on or before Friday, September 29, 2023, provides the following benefits:  

  • More pre-populated fields in subsequent surveys through PAEA’s data harmonization efforts, reducing your programs’ survey completion time 
  • The chance to win a complimentary registration at PAEA’s 2024 Education Forum   

Please contact the Research Team at with any questions or general inquiries.