2018 Virtual Fair Dates and Registration Now Open

The 2018 admissions cycle is just around the corner. Do you have a plan for recruiting students and building a high-quality pipeline of future applicants to your program?

If you haven’t already included PAEA’s virtual fairs in your budget, now is the time. The annual PA virtual fairs are happening on April 10 and July 25. Don’t miss out on this affordable and effective recruitment tool to engage prospective applicants from all over the country and around the world.

Register for both events by April 5. For a total of $750 and — bonus: NO travel, hotel, or shipping costs — you can reach hundreds of prospects in just two days. If you register for only the April fair or only the July fair, each is $350. Complete pricing information to participate in one or both fairs is available on the CareerEco website, and event registration is open now.

It’s not just about admissions, either — invite your faculty, program director, students, clinicians, and more to participate in this event with you. Leverage the power of technology to build, nurture, and engage a strong applicant pipeline for your program for many application cycles to come.

Special access and sponsorship package offers are also available, all for less than the cost of a flight and hotel for an offsite event. Explore all of your options on the CareerEco website.

How to Make the Most of the PA Virtual Fairs

The virtual fairs are a great way to conduct outreach to perspective students, but how can you attract and engage them during and after the fairs? We have a few ideas:

  • Waive fees: Some programs offer a supplemental application fee waiver to applicants who come and chat with them during the virtual fair.
  • Giveaways: Consider having a few prizes available for a post-event drawing. Any student who joins your chat room is automatically entered into the drawing.
  • Target your marketing: Market your virtual fair participation to younger audiences. This will help you build a robust pipeline of future applicants, not just applicants who are currently applying.
  • Present on relevant PA topics: There are many relevant topics to present on that will help prospective applicants become prepared, qualified applicants. Consider conducting topical presentations during the virtual fair day, not just hosting an open chat room. Some topics may include financial aid, summer health camps or programs, pre-PA clubs, etc.
  • Scavenger hunt: Get creative and have fun! Include a code word, token, or greeting they must find during your chat hours. Anyone who finds this information and follows given instructions can be entered into a prize drawing.
  • Pre-event education: Do you do local community outreach? If so, pre-educate them on what it means to participate in the virtual fair and how they can benefit from participation, or ask them to share the event with their friends and family.
  • Post-event survey: Get the most out of your participation in virtual fairs in the future by surveying your participants post-event on what they found most beneficial and what might help them in the future.

Register now!

Contact for more information or with questions.