Get Ready to Be a STAR

PAEA’s Support to Advance Research (STAR) Program allows faculty of PAEA member programs to submit questions that will be included in the Program Survey in order to obtain data for their own research endeavors. The Program Survey continues to collect data on program, faculty, and student/graduate characteristics, and this program allows for collection of data on other interests of the profession (e.g., faculty turnover, clinical sites development).

Interested faculty will be required to submit a proposal to PAEA Research staff with up to 10 questions (counting all branching type questions), which will be reviewed by the PAEA Research Department and reviewers from the Research Council and its workgroup. The questions will be included in the 2016 Program Survey, which is administered to program directors. Following the close of the 2016 Program Survey and any follow-up, the researcher selected for this year will receive de-identified data from their questions.

As a part of the submission, the researcher may request a limited amount of other fields from the 2016 Program Survey to be included with the data received. Data requested must be directly related to the proposal’s research question(s), must not identify programs, and data awarded will be up to the discretion of PAEA Research Department staff and the reviewers.

Priority will be given to proposals that are aligned with the PAEA strategic plan and likely to yield a high quality, peer-reviewed publication. . PAEA will accept proposals from December 2, 2015, through January 29, 2016. Stay tuned for more details as the opening date approaches.