The Stories That Got You Talking in 2015

5. How to Create a Culturally Competent PA
Since it’s inception, Carroll University’s PA program has focused on developing PAs who can give the best possible care — regardless of their patients’ backgrounds.

4. Five Things You Should Know About Title VII
As the sole source of federal funding directly supporting PA programs, Title VII is a topic that every PA educator needs to understand.

3. From Clinic to Classroom: 6 Ways to Successfully Make the Transition
New PA educator Shaun Lynch shares his lessons learned — providing valuable insight for other green educators and the program directors guiding them along the way.

2. Earning a PhD: 10 Problems That Could Blindside You
With a heavy dose of humor, Jennifer Coombs gives her advice on the (sometimes painful) road to earning a PhD.

1. Note-Taking in the Digital Age
The number one most read article of 2015! Sabba Quidwai helps make sense of all the digital note-taking options that are changing the way both PA students and faculty store information.