Curriculum Survey and Reports

Curriculum Survey Report

The form, content, and timing of the PAEA Curriculum Survey have shifted throughout the last three decades. From 1983– 1984 to 1990–1991 the survey was administered annually as part of the Annual Program Survey, and then its administration was pared down to once every three or four years. The last Curriculum Survey Report was issued in 2010.

Acknowledging the survey burden imposed by requiring program directors to complete two relatively long surveys each year, in 2014 the PAEA Research Council and Research Team decided to split the Curriculum Survey into three parts, corresponding to the major phases of PA school curriculum: the prerequisites/ admissions phase, the didactic phase, and the clinical phase. Moving forward, the administration of these three surveys will be rotated every summer.

Thus far, the Prerequisite Survey was administered in 2015 and 2018, the Didactic Curriculum Survey administered in 2016, and the Clinical Curriculum Survey administered in 2017. A report on each of the survey results will be released the year following administration.

Previous Reports

The 2010 Curriculum Survey Report provides information on the didactic and clinical portions of PA program curriculum.

Download the complete 2010 Curriculum Report – pdf

The following Program and Annual Reports also include some information regarding PA curriculum: