Preceptor Handbook and Resources

PAEA is pleased to offer the publication, Preceptor Orientation Handbook: Tips, Tools, and Guidance for Physician Assistant Preceptors. The handbook was developed by PAEA’s Committee on Clinical Education (CCE), formerly the Clinical Education Committee, and members of its Preceptor Handbook Subcommittee. The handbook is a valuable resource for clinical coordinators, and will guide their work with preceptors.

For the online version of the Preceptor Handbook, please email us.

Please Note: This Word document can be customized for use by individual PAEA member programs. The CCE encourages programs to adapt as necessary and include program-specific information (such as contact information).

At this time, we are only providing the electronic version for free to PAEA members. Non-members, please see your affiliate PA program for a copy.

For inquiries regarding the Preceptor Handbook, contact us at


Our Committee on Clinical Education has created a set of “One-Pagers for Preceptors” to help streamline and enhance this essential experience. The one-pagers below combine some of the committee’s own resources as well as some of the best precepting practices that are outlined in the literature.

These handy one-pagers offer time-tested methods for making the precepting experience as efficient and rewarding as possible.