Research Achievement Award

The nomination cycle for this award will open in March 2025.

Award Information

This award recognizes a program faculty member who has made extraordinary contributions to research and scholarly work related to PA education.


Nominees will be evaluated in all four of the following areas and must demonstrate outstanding contributions to PA education in a minimum of two of the following areas:

  • Scholarship that is distinguished
    • Distinguished: published in peer-reviewed journals, high-impact books or book chapters, high-quality conference presentations or proceedings, or equivalent work to PA education literature that is influential on a national level
  • Scholarship that is sustained over time or is seminal
    • Sustained: ongoing contributions over time that result in a substantial body of work about PA education, the profession and other related topics
    • Seminal: original, fundamentally new ideas that are course-changing
  • New knowledge or a significant extension of existing knowledge to PA education
    • New knowledge: original work that may be limited or broad in its application
    • Extension of existing knowledge: addition of facts, evidence, or interpretation to existing published topics
  • Applicability of scholarship to a broad range of PA programs
    • Applicable: usable by PA programs in varied geographic and academic settings, and with varied instructional frameworks

Requirements and materials

Employment Status

Employed at least half-time at the time of nomination (0.5 FTE) at a PAEA member program and for a minimum of three cumulative years in PA education as of March 12, 2024. All years do not have to be at the same program.

Record of Contributions to PA Education

A list of scholarly contributions to PA education or indication of a recent seminal work of importance to PA education must be included in the nominee’s CV

Nomination Letter

A list of scholarly contributions to PA education or indication of a recent seminal work of importance to PA education must be included in the nominee’s CV

Letters of Support

Two letters of support addressing the author’s first-hand knowledge of the nominee with relation to two or more of the award criteria

Be sure to check out nomination FAQs for additional information and tips


  • Personalized award
  • Check for $500
  • Recognition at the Awards Ceremony
  • Complimentary PAEA Education Forum registration

  • 2022 – Not Awarded
  • 2021 – Not Awarded
  • 2020 – Not Awarded
  • 2019 – James Van Rhee, Yale University
  • 2018 – Eric Larson, MEDEX Northwest
  • 2017 – Gerald Kayingo, University of California – Davis
  • 2016 – Christine Everett, Duke University
  • 2015 – Theresa Hegmann, University of Iowa
  • 2014 – Jennifer Coombs, University of Utah
  • 2013 – Bettie Coplan, Northern Arizona University
  • 2011 – Anita Duhl Glicken, University of Colorado
  • 2010 – Perri Morgan, Duke University
  • 2009 – Donald Pedersen, University of Utah
  • 2008 – Meredith Davison, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa
  • 2007 – P. Eugene Jones, UTSWMC
  • 2005 – James Cawley, George Washington University
  • 2004 – Albert Simon, Arizona School of Health Sciences
  • 2003 – Richard Dehn, University of Iowa
  • 2002 – Roderick Hooker, UTSWMC
  • 2001 – J. Dennis Blessing, UTHSC