Master Faculty Award

The nomination cycle for this award will open in March 2025.

Award Information

This award recognizes a program faculty member with a minimum of seven years as of March 12, 2024 of service who has made noteworthy contributions to PA education.


Nominees will be evaluated in all four of the following areas and must demonstrate outstanding contributions to PA education in a minimum of three of the following areas:

  • Teaching, which may include classroom, laboratory instruction, or course development
  • Scholarship, which may include grant writing, research, publications, presentations, or other scholarly and creative activities
  • Administration, which may include general administration, planning, development, or evaluation activities
  • Professional service, which may include service on committees at the program, community, state, or national level and that represents or promotes the PA profession

Requirements and materials

Employment Status

Employed at least half-time at the time of nomination (0.5 FTE) at a PAEA member program and for a minimum of seven cumulative years in PA education as of March 12, 2024. All years do not have to be at the same program.

Nomination Letter

Nomination letter describing in detail how each of the award criteria were met, including evidence of performance above and beyond the nominee’s job description

Letters of Support

Two letters of support addressing the author’s first-hand knowledge of the nominee with relation to a minimum of three of the award criteria

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Nominee’s complete CV or resume

Be sure to check out nomination FAQs for additional information and tips


  • Personalized award
  • Check for $500
  • Recognition at the Awards Ceremony
  • Complimentary PAEA Education Forum registration

2023 Recipient

  • 2022 – Matthew McQuillan, Rutgers University of PA Studies
  • 2021 – Melissa Murfin, Elon University School of Health Sciences
  • 2020 – Lisa Barratt, Quinnipiac University
  •  2019 – Jennifer Snyder, Butler University
  • 2018 – Susan LeLacheur, George Washington University
  • 2017 – Donald Coerver, University of Washington
  • 2016 – Pat Kenney-Moore, Oregon Health & Science University
  • 2015 – Hank Lemke, University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • 2014 – Patricia Ragan, Elon University
  • 2013 – Virginia Snyder, University of Wisconsin
  • 2012 – Peggy Robinson, Duke University
  • 2011 – David Asprey, University of Iowa
  • 2010 – Patricia Jennings, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 2009 – Paul Lombardo, Stony Brook University
  • 2008 – Carl Fasser, Baylor College of Medicine
  • 2007 – Matt Dane Baker, Philadelphia University
  • 2006 – Ted Ruback, Oregon Health & Science University
  • 2005 – Timothy Evans, University of Washington MEDEX
  • 2004 – Kristine Healy, Midwestern University
  • 2003 – J. Dennis Blessing, UTHSC, San Antonio
  • 2002 – Virginia Fallaw Schneider, Baylor College of Medicine
  • 2001 – Anthony Miller, Shenandoah University
  • 2000 – Anita Duhl Glicken, University of Colorado