CASPA Submission Deadlines

CASPA participating programs choose one application deadline from 10 options. Each program’s submission deadline can be found on the Participating Programs list.

The 10 deadline options are listed below:

June 15November 1
July 15
December 1
August 1January 15
September 1March 1
October 1April 1

Each program chooses what an applicant should have complete by their selected deadline. Each program will only have one requirement. The three application status options are color-coded on the Participating Programs list like so:

blue deadline
Blue deadline: Application must be e-submitted only.

orange deadline
Orange deadline: Application must be complete (all transcripts, payment, and at least two of the three letters of reference are received by CASPA).

green deadline
Green deadline: Application must be verified by CASPA (all of the above completed and GPA calculations completed).

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