CASPA Application Checklist

Preparing and submitting your application

Step 1: Before You Apply

Read the Before Applying and Instructions and FAQ sections of the CASPA website.

Step 2: Filling out Your Application
  1. Create a CASPA application account.
  2. Complete the Personal Information section. This includes the Contact Information and Personal Data sections.
  3. Complete the Supporting Information section. This includes the Additional InformationHealth Related TrainingNarrative, and Work and Volunteer Experience sections.
  4. Complete the Academic History section. This includes the Tests section.
    • If your program requires the GRE, enter your program’s GRE codes on the ETS website for official scores to be reported directly into CASPA.
    • If your program requires the TOEFL, send the official paper TOEFL scores to CASPA.
    • If your program requires other tests, send the results directly to the program.
  5. Complete the Institutions Attended section.
  6. Complete the Coursework section.
    • Request that all official transcripts (US and English Canadian) be sent to CASPA.
    • Send original foreign transcript evaluations to CASPA (if applicable).
  7. Complete the Evaluations section.
  8. Complete the Program Materials section. Before selecting your designations, make sure you have:
    • Visited all applicable program websites to review specific admissions requirements.
    • Visited all applicable program websites to review supplemental application requirements.
    • Researched all program deadline requirements and determined that you are submitting before the deadline.
Step 3: Review

Review application for accuracy. Changes cannot be made once you submit your application.

Step 4: Selecting the Programs

Select all of the programs you want your application to be sent to. You can add programs but once you submit, you cannot remove programs.

Step 5: Submission and Payment
  1. Submit your application. Do not wait for CASPA to receive all of your materials before you submit your application.
  2. Pay the applicable fees related to your application designations. Print a hard copy of the payment receipt for your records.

After you have submitted your application

Step 1: Checking Your Application Status

Once you have submitted your application, check your application status often. You can check your application status at any time in the My Status menu in your application portal.

  1. Make sure at least two of the three letters of recommendation and all of your US and English-speaking Canadian transcripts have been received by CASPA.

Step 2: Completion and Verification
  1. Once your application is considered complete, CASPA will verify your application. This process can take up to four weeks once all your documents are received by CASPA.
  2. Once your submitted application and other materials are verified, CASPA will email your official application to your designated PA programs.
  3. Once verification is complete, CASPA is no longer involved in the process. When your programs make their admission decisions, they will contact you directly. CASPA does not monitor admissions decisions.
Step 3: Applying to Additional Programs (Optional)
  1. If you decide to apply to additional programs, you may add designations by logging into your application and selecting the Designations section.