What’s Your Experience with Internet-Based Learning?

Learning delivery models that incorporate Internet technologies offer great promise in negotiating challenges faced by educators of future health care professionals: space, time, costs, and expanding curricula. Yet, little is known about the degree of adoption of Internet-based programs of learning in PA education — inhibiting our ability as a community to develop best practices for adoption of these innovative models.

For this reason, PAEA has invited Paige McDonald, EdD, a blended learning scholar, to investigate the degree to which PA programs are embracing Internet-based models. She has designed a survey to assess:

  • current use of enhanced, blended, or online models of delivery
  • interest in future adoption of these models
  • barriers to integration of Internet-based learning strategies in PA education

PA faculty are invited— and encouraged — to complete this brief questionnaire, which will remain open until Friday, June 17th.

Information gained from analysis of the responses to this questionnaire will be used to help us better understand how programs are using technology to support education, so that we can better serve you, our members.

For questions, please contact Sara Fletcher, PhD, chief academic officer, at