Announcing the First Stakeholder Summit

Over the past year, PAEA ‘s staff and Board of Directors have been discussing the alignment between PA education and practice and how best to ensure that PA program graduates have the tools to succeed from day one of clinical practice. To that end, PAEA is gearing up for a Stakeholder Summit to be held in spring 2016. The summit will provide a platform to bring together leaders and stakeholders from the health care and health professions education community.

In order to know how our educational system is doing, we need to look beyond ourselves. What are employers, supervisors, coworkers, and other stakeholders saying about new graduates? The summit will provide a meaningful conversation designed to provide our member programs with an understanding of the changing needs of clinical practice. Through facilitated discussions, our objective is to glean insights that will help us better understand the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits required of the day-one graduate.

To learn more about the summit, watch the video below or visit our summit website.